In Kottayam’s Medical College, She Was Chased And Set On Fire By Ex-Boyfriend

KOTTAYAM, KERALA/;On Wednesday morning at a medical college in Kerala’s Kottayam, 20-year-old Laxmi was sitting in a classroom with a few other students when a young man barged in and poured petrol on her and himself.
As the man, Adarsh, took out a lighter, Laxmi ran out of the classroom screaming. But Adarsh caught up with her and used a lighter to set her on fire. Then he set himself ablaze.

Laxmi, 20, and Adarsh, 26, died of severe burns in hospital last night. Two classmates who tried to save her were also burnt and are being treated.

Laxmi, who was studying physiotherapy at the School of Medical Education in the town had suffered nearly 65 per cent burns.
They had been in a relationship, say the police.

Adarsh, an ex-student of the college, was allegedly furious at Laxmi for breaking up with him.

There weren’t many students in the college when Adarsh walked in, as there was a strike. He was also not stopped because he had come to the college for an exam just a day before.



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